How to Connect with Locals – my 3 tips

connect with locals. drink.

When I travel I LOVE connecting with locals. This is probably one of my favourite parts about travelling, but also in my hometown to be honest. Meeting locals is just magical. You get to know a tiny bit of their sparkle which might be really just a glimpse but already mind-blowing. For whatever reason, it […]

My Vietnam Motorbike Tour: From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi


My Motorbike Vietnam Tour in one word: Magical So many stories to tell. So many things I’ve seen, experienced. Nature that was mind-blowing. Locals that made me speechless with their hospitality. As I seem to forget many things, as we probably all do, I will write more to keep the memory. For me, it seems to help […]

Facts about Finding a Job in Australia as a Traveller

Facts about finding a job in Australia as a traveller  Facts about finding a job in Australia as a traveller which I wish I would have known before going to Australia. There is certain repetitive information online, this will be the addition to it. Honest, direct and hopefully helpful!  How to start finding a job in Australia No matter what you start in life, there are […]

When was the last time that you deserved something?

What do you deserve? Do you deserve something? Isn’t it crazy when we think about that a little bit? We live our lives and think we need to accomplish something before we can deserve something. Often we have a to-do list to fulfill before we sit down and read a book, have a coffee or […]

Flying with Saudia – unexpected cultural differences

work and fly with saudia

Saudia Airline – a flight to remember October 2018. I am taking a plane from Saudia Airline to Jeddah and from there to go to Manila/ Philippines. Beforehand I did not think too much about the airline and what that might mean for me and other travellers. And sure thing, I was not the only […]

Individual Bucket List : Story of my Life Number 1

Your individual Bucket List: off the norm. Story of my life 1 A bucket list should be individual though it seems to be hard to use ones own creativity to have an individual bucket list. I am convinced that we are influenced by our society in such a way that even our dreams are similar […]

My Bucket List

my bucket list

My Bucket List Have you ever thought about the things that you want to achieve? I am convinced that writing goals down will eventually help to achieve them. I already wrote about two major techniques that I like to use. What does your bucket list look like? THIS IS MINE 🙂 My Bucket List: Learn scuba diving skateboarding (started […]

Bucket List or Vision Board: Go Chase Your Dreams

my bucket list

Bucket List or Vision Board Have you heard of the terms but never applied it or just thought about it?! I think having a bucket list or a vision board is a magical way to turn dreams into reality. Some people just write their list and some start a vision board. I think a combination of both is […]