5 strange things in the gym I am afraid of

There are certainly a few strange things I get afraid when I am at the gym. I wonder whether it’s only me or can you relate? Let me know and let’s share our stories. Here are my thoughts and experiences. 1. strange thing in the Gym: undies in the towelIt might sound strange, I know. […]

Things to do during the Christmas Season in Newcastle, Australia

Santa in Australia

You want to do and experience something exciting during Christmas in Newcastle, Australia? There are a few things that I enjoyed and thought it is worth sharing and hoping that you can get some inspiration. Thus, in the following, you will get an insight into four ideas that are great to do during that Christmas […]

What to do and see in the Coastal City Agadir (Morocco)

Port Agadir

When I travelled to Agadir in October of 2019, I was quite happy about the things I could do and see while I was around. When we did a day tour to Marrakesh, our tour guide also told us that there was an earthquake in the 1960s which destroyed everything. It was mindblowing to know […]

Benefits of Working in Coworking Spaces

For a very long time, I did not even consider working in an office while I am self – employed and neither did I think I would actually see the benefits of coworking. Instead, I preferred working home. It was more coincident that I actually started working in a coworking office due to a bomb that […]

Blue Mountains Weekend: things to do and to enjoy

Blue Mountains me

My Blue Mountains Weekend  The Blue Mountains in Australia is one of my absolute favourite places in Australia and around Sydney. It is just magical. If you need a break from the city or just starting your travels in Australia, this is where to go. It is breathtaking and shows you what nature has to […]