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Top 10: You have been to Australia if …

Australia Top Ten

Living abroad changes you from the inside and the outside Coming home from an adventure, you and people around you will recognize things throughout your day and life that have changed. That is due to the experiences in another country. It is fun but also shocking sometimes. It changes your habits, thoughts and actions. YES, you have […]

Next Stops: Surfers Paradise and Noosa _#2

Camping Ground Noosa

We picked up our camper van and hit the road. Our next big stop, after Brisbane, was Surfers Paradise. I guess the name says it all. Additionally, the place is well-known for its parties. It is definitely a nice place but due to the cold weather we did not even go into the water. Our Camping […]

1850 km – 2 Weeks – 5 Friends – 1 Van _#1

Yes :)! That’s the trip. Five friends traveling around 1850 km from Brisbane to Cairns in a camerpvan. The van was our home and vehicle for two weeks. All of us met during our study abroad at the University of Newcastle in Australia. We traveled before, for example to Melbourne during our Easter break. We started the trip in […]


Yeah this will be it. Australia. It’s been already two years that I did my study abroad in Australia/Newcastle and I still didn’t do the picture album . Isn’t that crazy? I wanted to do that right after I came back to Germany… well obviously it did not quite work out…. I set the goal for […]