Alternative Things To Do In Hoi An

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Alternative Places for Drinks and Food in Hoi An

Go to the market in the morning and see what it is like without (many) tourists. I was happy to have the market on my own in the beginning as it seems like that the tourists like to sleep in while in Hoi An. It was getting busier after 8 a.m. If you want to see the fish and crabs, just walk towards the river and you see it all. For Dinner, you can also go to the night market to find some good, cheap food – here I do not mean the “official” night market but all the stalls close to the old city which also include food stalls under the roof.

While on the waterfront and either to or from, or both ways (hehe), go and have a coffee and good food at Des Amis. It is such a magical place with a good vibe. The owner is a chef who has cooked around the world, also Germany. While I was there I was happy to chat with him and he also showed me a big menu he cooked while he was in Germany. He was also able to talk a bit in German with me. It does not matter if you talk to him or just see him – you will sense quickly that he is a very special person with an amazing personality. That is actually why I stopped when I passed the place because I saw him sitting in the restaurant and was amazed by him. It also looks like he as great food with very reasonable (I would even say cheap) prizes. Def worth more than one stop.

I got more happy suggestions which I passed because of time but I want to share them as you will never see them unless you know them, especially the first one as it is hidden.

Le Fe – a hidden happy place to enjoy some drinks.

Reaching out tea house and reaching out.  I am always happy to see places like this. Inclusion and support the lives of others. This place gives people with disabilities the opportunity to learn and work. Go. Support. Share love (their Homepage). Drinks, Food, Gifts.

And if you are after Live Music, check out The Soul Kitchen. I was very happy to hear some amazing artists. If you are keen whether they have something on while you are there, check out their Facebook.

Getting up early in Hoi An

As some of you might know, I love ships and thus was super happy to hear about the fish market nearby. It was fun when I got the recommendation as he also let me know that I should not be thinking that they look after me. hehe. Love it when locals just do their thing and I was super happy when I went there around 5:40 in the morning. If you want to go there, just cross the big bridge to the mainland south and take the first turn left once you travelled south and are off the bridge. Make sure not to disturb their work, I think that is very important. Also, make sure to give ways as they seem to have a timeframe and you will have many scooters passing you who already got their fish. Once I had seen enough of fish, ships, nets I went to the market in the city and got some fruits and had a coffee at Des Amis. I think that was the best start of the day I could have.

Additionally, it is the best to do: walking in the city as early as possible because it gets super crowdy later on.

If you have two mornings and are happy to get up early, check out the beach in the north near the Soul Kitchen for the sunrise. I think it is always worth getting up early and win the day already in the morning.

Alternative Ways to learn about Hoi An and Vietnam

I LOVE art and was just super thrilled when I passed these two galleries, which also happen to be on the same road and just across one another.

March Gallery – I am in my happy place when I see great art. This is what you will find here. I know the exhibitions are changing but I am sure Bridget March makes sure to have exhibitions that are off the norm. Go there, have a look and get yourself a happy souvenir. When I was there in March I was grateful to see interpretations of Vietnam.

And just across the road, you will find the “Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum” – this is definitely a title that fits the place perfectly. I was absolutely blown away by the photographs by R√©hahn. Blown away also because he shows so much of the Vietnamese culture. An insight that you probably won’t find anywhere else. When I was there, he also just came to the museum. Unfortunately, I was too shocked to say anything – it is always the same when I see artists that fascinate me and I see them for the first time. I think it is quite funny to see me when I see artists that I adore (haha).

My Hostel in Hoi An

In Hoi An I changed the Hostel because the first one I stayed in was just horrible. That is why I also did not make a video of it (sorry). Horrible because the lady at the reception, who was also the owner as far as I understood, was absolutely unfriendly. Thus I went to another place, Petunia Homestay,  which made up for the first one. It is a bit further out, is clean, happy, includes breakfast and has the best mattress that I had until now in Vietnam (before it was always more like lying on stones. haha.).

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