Crete – Things I Did Not Expect

Family Trip to Crete

YES! And I love it. Since a few years, my dad and my sisters go on a trip each year. Especially the last years have shown us that life can come quite different from expected and sometimes it might end earlier than you wish. SO you better cherish it. AND that is what we do whenever we see each other and once a year in a fun and memory making trip. This year we went to Crete. The week was such a bliss. Quite from the start I loved the island. Also I recognized quite a few things that astonished me that I would love to share with you in this article. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know whether you experienced things similar or maybe found additional aspects that you celebrated.


Amazing Scenery in Malia

While walking through the town Malia it was hard to believe that this is a real town. During few occasions I felt like I was walking through a film scenery. Just check the pictures, it is absolutely mind-blowing.

Different Seasons in Malia

My family and I were staying in Malia just before the season started. At first I was not sure whether everything is a bit more quiet in general or if it is the impression and timing. Once we walked through the city we also discovered the party road. That road has changed its appearance while we were around drastically. By the end of our stay we knew that the season was about to start. Thank God without us.  Everyone is different and we definitely loved the pre season. So if you are looking for a cute and lovely place, check it out in the pre season.

Crete reminded me of China

Haha. YES. Simply because you were not allowed to throw the paper into the toilet but use the trash can instead. That was quite something to get used to again but totally alright. AND it was something that you did not have to do in your rooms – I think that is an important fact to know.

Another confusing aspect of the restrooms was the surprise of not having a lock in many cases. That was for sure something I did not expect. Though I find it a fascinating aspect.

Crete – what a lovely Culture

Whenever I travel I love to explore the country and get in touch with locals. That is the part of travelling that makes it special and quite interesting. While in Crete I was happy to have some conversations with the hotel owners we stayed with and other natives. I was impressed by their super friendly culture. And for sure I know the difference of friendly humans and friendly ones that just do it for their business. It was definitely one of the things I missed quickly once I was back home.

Art and Street Art around Crete

Since a few years I am always happy to explore places that include street art. For whatever reason, I did not expect much to see in Greece. Crete proved me wrong. The arty style of places made me super happy. I also love it when places that can be quite usual get into a new and different shape once they are colored and  I celebrated that island for doing so. Beside that, I was also quite happy to run around XXX to discover all the illegal art. Whenever I ran around another corner I gave my family a little break to sit down – a nice benefit for them. hehe.

Super Easy Public Transportation in Crete

This fact will make all of you happy who love to travel low-budget and in a local style. Going to different places is super easy via the public buses. The stops are easy to find and the schedule is also at the bus stop. Important note here, just get in the bus and take a seat. Someone will come to you to pay the ticket. Super easy and super relaxed. The benefit of course is that you can enjoy the view and not drive on your own. Beside that it is also very cheap.

Black Huge Canisters On Rooftops

Another fact that makes the cityscape  quite interesting are the black huge canisters on rooftops. At first it was a bit confusing to see that because I am not used to it. And the fun part is that all of us got easily used to it that we did not recognize them by the time we had to leave. These canisters are for the water that is used in the house. As far as I was told it is easier and cheaper to heating the water that way instead doing it with electricity. I love it! Just a very special difference that is easy to spot, even for those who do not care too much about these things.

Coffee Speciality

While I was having a little hike with my dad, at some point we had a break. Often I just ask whether they have something local. This time it was a coffee with cinnamon on top which was quite interesting.

The Sound of Nature

During this trip I usually got up around 6 for many reasons, like yoga, run and work. One of the mornings I was astonished by the sound of the birds. It was beautiful!

Ordering a Burger

Well…I must admit sometimes I am not THAT adventurous and rather go with the things I know. At least with the things I think I know. Because this time I had no clue, obviously. Instead of trying something local I was thinking to just order a Burger and be happy with food that I am used to from home. I was proven wrong. Burger in Greece is not a Burger that I know. The ones I know come with some salad, tomato all packed in some kind of bread. In Greece, Burger are two meatballs and


Life is so much better in its simplicity. I was shocked by simple ideas that I did not see in this way before


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