Bucket List or Vision Board: Go Chase Your Dreams

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Bucket List or Vision Board

Have you heard of the terms but never applied it or just thought about it?! I think having a bucket list or a vision board is a magical way to turn dreams into reality. Some people just write their list and some start a vision board. I think a combination of both is great due to different reasons that you will find in the following passages.

How to start a bucket list

If you decide to write a bucket list you just use a piece of paper and write all the things down you want to experience within your life. Thus, the name originates from the Idiom “to kick the bucket” which means “to die”. This results in the fact that you want to make sure to tick all boxes before it is time to kick the bucket ;).

Instead of just having one list, you can also make specific slots for specific years to order the bucket list. You can list your items in steps like ‘within 5 years’ or ‘within 10 years’. These Slots may help to push yourself to finally achieve these goals. I have a random list which I keep in my calendar. And whenever I have another idea, I add it to the list. Sometimes, I also just write it in my mobile until I am near my calendar to add it to the actual list.

How to start a vision board

The board itself is usually cardboard. Instead of using common cardboard you could use coloured ones or even Things that may be your personal Topic. An example would be my current Vision board that is done on a City map of cologne, a City that is significant in my life. Besides the cardboard, you Need the Things that you will glue onto the board. The best and effective way of Vision boards is to actually use Pictures that represent your goals, thus you will not have to read something but immediately know what it means when you see it. I usually use magazines and cut out pictures that represent what I am aiming for.

Things you could ask yourself:

What do you want to do/ see/ experience?

Bucket list or a vision board?

As mentioned earlier, I have both. The bucket list because it sometimes seems more structured and clear. Additionally, I also love to tick the boxes and see what I have achieved so far.

And on the other side, I have a vision board in my apartment. I am convinced that visualization helps you to reach goals better, easier and with more passion. Once you have your vision board in a spot that you see on a regular basis it manifests the ideas and supports your passion you connect with the “Thing” that might be an experience, achievement, whatever makes you happy.

Take it along…

To have a regular reminder, you might just want to take both, the bucket list and the Vision board, along wherever you go. You can type the bucket list in your phone, this way you may always add something directly to the list. Or you take Pictures of the lust and the vision board. This way, especially with the visualisation, the ideas will manifest better if you have a glance once in a while. I also used my Vision board as a Screen saver, this way it is automatically seen during the day.

Enjoy whether you chose the vision board or the bucket list

I hope I could give you an insight into two ways to reach your goals. It helps me to stay focused and to get these things ticked. Leave me a comment whether this helped you and if you already do or if you will start one or both techniques. GO chase your dreams!

You can find my bucket list also on my blog (HERE).

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