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Ayutthaya 13.02.2016 YAY 🙂 After a good sleep, I was happy to have an included breakfast at the hostel. Sometimes I prefer to get something somewhere but sometimes it is quite nice to start with a brekkie at the hostel. Then, I was happy to meet the local, Toto, from the night before. We got […]

Solo Female Traveler. Assumptions and Assessments.

Four weeks?! All alone? You will be so lonely. YOU? It is not safe for you as a woman. You want to travel without friends? Alone? As a female traveler? Aren’t you afraid? Sounds familiar? Have you heard these phrases or similar ones? Just before heading to your trip or even after past travels? No […]

Leaving Bangkok_Day3_Ayutthaya

12.02.2016 As already mentioned, I traveled to Thailand without a plan. All I got was a travel guide. Therefore, I did not have a route or a clue where to go. After talking to many travelers as well as locals, I knew that I wanted to travel through the country before heading to the beach. […]

Preparing my Thailand Trip

The different kind of Thailand preparation The following lines will show you how the average traveler does not get ready for a Thailand trip. Reading at one’s own risk ;).   It was about two weeks before I left for Thailand that I started ‘planning’. Due to my Australian travels I knew that I had most of […]