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5 strange things in the gym I am afraid of

There are certainly a few strange things I get afraid when I am at the gym. I wonder whether it’s only me or can you relate? Let me know and let’s share our stories. Here are my thoughts and experiences. 1. strange thing in the Gym: undies in the towelIt might sound strange, I know. […]

Facts about Finding a Job in Australia as a Traveller

Facts about finding a job in Australia as a traveller  Facts about finding a job in Australia as a traveller which I wish I would have known before going to Australia. There is certain repetitive information online, this will be the addition to it. Honest, direct and hopefully helpful!  How to start finding a job in Australia No matter what you start in life, there are […]

My Bucket List

my bucket list

My Bucket List Have you ever thought about the things that you want to achieve? I am convinced that writing goals down will eventually help to achieve them. I already wrote about two major techniques that I like to use. What does your bucket list look like? THIS IS MINE ūüôā My Bucket List: Learn scuba diving skateboarding (started […]