5 strange things in the gym I am afraid of

There are certainly a few strange things I get afraid when I am at the gym. I wonder whether it’s only me or can you relate? Let me know and let’s share our stories. Here are my thoughts and experiences.

1. strange thing in the Gym: undies in the towel
It might sound strange, I know. Though when I start my gym session, I often wonder… hopefully I didn’t misplace undies within my towels which would fall off when I start using the towel.
Did it ever happen? The only thing that fell off was actually a sock.

2.strange thing in the Gym: look through clothes
Have you ever had someone in front of you that you would have loved to tell that you can see their undies? I often wonder whether it’s on purpose that their pants are see-through. And then I wonder whether this happened to me as well.
Which clothes do you use to prevent that?

3. strange thing in the Gym: farts
I know, I am a girl and shouldn’t write about it. (That’s at least what society always says). Sometimes I am afraid that I might eventually make a sound while I lift. Seriously, haven’t you had these days when you did the heavy lifting and were afraid all your body air is about to set off!?
For now, it didn’t happen to me. Thank God.

4. strange thing that actually happened to me in the gym: cleaning the wrong machine
When working out in the gym, you clean the machines afterwards. Sometimes I am curious whether I am actually cleaning the machine or someone else’s. And this actually happened to me before. I was cleaning a cross trainer and eventually recognized that my towel was on another machine. It was a bit strange but oh well…

5. What about you? Write me a DM via Instagram and I will ad a few fun and strange stories of you

I hope that gave you a fun insight of what is going on in my head when in the gym. It sounds fun and often is but at the same time it really gets me sometimes. For now, it seems like it hardly happened. Just like so many things that we go over in our head, though that never happened.

A little reminder for myself and for you – our brain can not understand the difference of real happening or only a thought. So we better chose wisely what we think of.

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Eva ūüôā

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