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Streetart Gallery in Ehrenfeld: Heliosstraße

Are you ready to see new streetart around Cologne? Yesterday, I was super excited to see new art in Ehrenfeld, Heliosstraße. I love taking this street to find new streetart. If you are into streetart I highly recommend you to check out Heliosstraße (streetname) in Köln- Ehrenfeld as well as Vogelsanger Str. If you are coming from […]

Something you would not expect in Cologne Ehrenfeld

Cologne Dome

Surprise in Ehrelfeld Ehrenfeld is a district in Cologne which is worth visiting for many reasons which I will introduce you to in different posts. Today I am introducing you a quite obvious one which is still not known to many visitors of Cologne. Ehrenfeld has a lighthouse. YEAH 🙂 isn’t that amazing?! A lighthouse in […]