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Preparing my Thailand Trip

The different kind of Thailand preparation The following lines will show you how the average traveler does not get ready for a Thailand trip. Reading at one’s own risk ;).   It was about two weeks before I left for Thailand that I started ‘planning’. Due to my Australian travels I knew that I had most of […]

Village Life: Bakery on Wheels

Village Bakery

Bakery on Wheels. Can it get any better?   Life is so much fun when living in a tiny town. It seems to me that many people, including myself, do not know much about specific things in different countries and sometimes not even their own because the countries are too big to know the details. […]

…leaving my comfort zone within my loft :D

Many people come up to me and ask me all kinds of questions concerning my travels AND I love encouraging everyone to leave, travel and discover other cultures. It is quite easy to give suggestions within ones own comfort zone. For me it seems important and healthy to leave ones own normal routine to get […]

Make yourself happy! Every day!

Make yourself happy

I think it’s important to do something every day which will make you happy. That can be pretty much everything… Get a good coffee, take more time for yourself than usually, meet a friend, write a letter, read, work out, plant something etc.. Just something to look back in the evening that will satisfy you! […]

Some like it sweet…TörtchenTörtchen


Cologne: Places I like I am living in Cologne as many of you already know. Usually I spend a lot of time exploring the city and new locations… I thought about giving you some suggestions and insights which places I liked and you might want to try them as well. Let me know what you […]

Top 10: You have been to Australia if …

Australia Top Ten

Living abroad changes you from the inside and the outside Coming home from an adventure, you and people around you will recognize things throughout your day and life that have changed. That is due to the experiences in another country. It is fun but also shocking sometimes. It changes your habits, thoughts and actions. YES, you have […]


Day 12:  The day just started (well… three hours ago ?) and I am already super thankful! Had such a good sleep that I got up around 5am. That’s the good thing when you got sleeping issues and finally get a good sleep …you are wide awake after a couple of hours ??! Thankful for […]


Day 3: WOW. Super thankful to be able to study. Who would have ever thought that I’d be studying some day?! Ten years ago sure no one did. Not even me! (Though currently I can’t wait to be done :o)….writing my thesis… guess the topic 😉 🙂 hehe) Thanks to all who were supporting me […]


Day 2: I am thankful to live in a save country. It’s been shocking and sad to see so many people leaving their home. I hope more people and countries will open up to those who suffer. There are still too many who don’t understand what it takes to leave your roots with that kind […]