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When was the last time that you deserved something?

What do you deserve? Do you deserve something? Isn’t it crazy when we think about that a little bit? We live our lives and think we need to accomplish something before we can deserve something. Often we have a to-do list to fulfill before we sit down and read a book, have a coffee or […]

Individual Bucket List : Story of my Life Number 1

Your individual Bucket List: off the norm. Story of my life 1 A bucket list should be individual though it seems to be hard to use ones own creativity to have an individual bucket list. I am convinced that we are influenced by our society in such a way that even our dreams are similar […]

My Bucket List

my bucket list

My Bucket List Have you ever thought about the things that you want to achieve? I am convinced that writing goals down will eventually help to achieve them. I already wrote about two major techniques that I like to use. What does your bucket list look like? THIS IS MINE 🙂 My Bucket List: Learn scuba diving skateboarding (started […]

Bucket List or Vision Board: Go Chase Your Dreams

my bucket list

Bucket List or Vision Board Have you heard of the terms but never applied it or just thought about it?! I think having a bucket list or a vision board is a magical way to turn dreams into reality. Some people just write their list and some start a vision board. I think a combination of both is […]

(Childhood) Dream Come True :)

FlakesCorner Boxes

THIS place is a must if you like Flakes!  OMG 🙂 Flakes everywhere!!! This place is absolutely a dream come true for me, and I am sure you will love it as well. Within the first minutes it was just overwhelmed. SO MANY DIFFERENT FLAKES. This got me totally excited. The variety is just amazing. […]


Day 18:  I got a really big problem with exams….I pretty much panic about it once in a while. This may occur at any stage and sometimes even at different ones. Well…. Today I am very thankful for a very supportive lecturer! There are no words that may describe how I felt when that person […]

Heads up

Enjoy your day to the fullest… have a conversation with the person next to you…have a look and maybe you will find something that will brighten your day 🙂 Can you see it? Happy weekend everyone :o) Start living now… Stop scrolling down and put your cell phone aside…