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Bucket List or Vision Board: Go Chase Your Dreams

my bucket list

Bucket List or Vision Board Have you heard of the terms but never applied it or just thought about it?! I think having a bucket list or a vision board is a magical way to turn dreams into reality. Some people just write their list and some start a vision board. I think a combination of both is […]

ï»ż(Childhood) Dream Come True :)

FlakesCorner Boxes

THIS place is a must if you like Flakes!  OMG 🙂 Flakes everywhere!!! This place is absolutely a dream come true for me, and I am sure you will love it as well. Within the first minutes it was just overwhelmed. SO MANY DIFFERENT FLAKES. This got me totally excited. The variety is just amazing. […]

Make yourself happy! Every day!

Make yourself happy

I think it’s important to do something every day which will make you happy. That can be pretty much everything… Get a good coffee, take more time for yourself than usually, meet a friend, write a letter, read, work out, plant something etc.. Just something to look back in the evening that will satisfy you! […]


Day 25:  OMG ? this is such an awesome surprise of a friend. This made my day…week…xmas season ?! This is such a cute advent calendar. Really didn’t expect that…. Made me cry ??! Thanks for our friendship ? Great memories … And this absolutely amazing parcel full of surprises! Can’t wait for December ?!!! […]


Day 23: Super happy and thankful for having such an amazing mom. Thankful that she made me the way I am… Inspired by her amazing way of living life, being positive and without any worries about others opinion! Thanks for the great phone call which once again showed me your love… Not only for your […]


Day 22: This was so much fun today! Got something to eat at the best pizza place in Ehrenfeld <3 ! I love helping others…. Especially strangers when they don’t expect that 😉 :)! Try it. It’s fun. And usually u get the best payback ever 🙂 a smile/or/and a satisfied and happy person! This time was […]


Day 18:  I got a really big problem with exams….I pretty much panic about it once in a while. This may occur at any stage and sometimes even at different ones. Well…. Today I am very thankful for a very supportive lecturer! There are no words that may describe how I felt when that person […]


  Day 14:  Very thankful that I was able to get together with friends whom I know through my study abroad in Australia in 2013. Super happy that we keep in touch and visit each other once in a while. This time we met in Oldenburg. It was great seeing them… Fun times ?!  Cheers  Eva […]


Day 16:  Very thankful I was never in need of a witness statement….. Hope my statement will help others. Letter from the police. Some nights start different and will give you new perspectives onto some things in life!!! Help someone in need!!!  Cheers, Eva 🙂