My Bucket List

my bucket list

My Bucket List

Have you ever thought about the things that you want to achieve? I am convinced that writing goals down will eventually help to achieve them. I already wrote about two major techniques that I like to use. What does your bucket list look like?


My Bucket List: Learn

  • scuba diving
  • skateboarding (started Feb 2019)
  • Spanish
  • Salsa
  • Ukulele
  • yoga teacher
  • motorcycle license
  • Turkish
  • personal development seminars (especially Tony Robbins)
    • already been to: Tobias Beck, Christian Bischoff, Kerim Kakmaci, Jens Heuchemer
Berlin Art - Bucket List

My Bucket List: Experience

  • stay in a convent and/or temple
  • regularly experiences
  • hot-air balloon ride (done September 2019)
  • skydive (done February 2019)
  • visit a synagogue (done 2018)

My Bucket List: Travel

  • the world ūüėČ
    • already been to (MAP WILL FOLLOW)
  • currently really would love to go to South America, Philippines, Asia, East Europe
  • invite my dad (Portugal/ goin in 02/2020)
  • Vietnam with a Motorbike (preferably illegal/without a licence. Done March 2019)
  • see fam and friends in the USA again
Skydive Australia Newcastle

My Bucket List: Others

  • being able to do a handstand
  • run races
  • financial freedom
  • passive income
  • living wherever I want
  • meetups with OQP

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