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…leaving my comfort zone within my loft :D

Many people come up to me and ask me all kinds of questions concerning my travels AND I love encouraging everyone to leave, travel and discover other cultures. It is quite easy to give suggestions within ones own comfort zone. For me it seems important and healthy to leave ones own normal routine to get […]

Make yourself happy! Every day!

Make yourself happy

I think it’s important to do something every day which will make you happy. That can be pretty much everything… Get a good coffee, take more time for yourself than usually, meet a friend, write a letter, read, work out, plant something etc.. Just something to look back in the evening that will satisfy you! […]


Day 5: Thankful for a fun night with my girls…at the museum….and walking around the city! It’s awesome that Cologne has a for free eve in museums ? (this one is once a month for citizens of Cologne… But many cities have it for everyone each month… Good for low-budget travels ūüėČ ) ‘in the […]

Brekkie :)

Breaky is the Australian term for breakfast‚Ķ just the explanation hence I already confused many friends and I don‚Äôt want you to be confused as well :D. Every morning I pretty much eat the same ūüėÄ and it has its story. My breakfast includes: *oatmeal*1/2 apple*1 banana* AND depending on mood, money and stock I […]