Here we go…. this is my blog :)

It has been a long time that I was actually thinking to start a Blog. Finally, I just start and will see where it might go…..
I love life and try to live it up 🙂 all the time. And all it takes is to leave, love and/or live. Sometimes it’s a combination of all of them and sometimes it only takes one piece to make it perfect. Most important is that everyone finds a balance of what makes their life great.

For me, its to leave once in a while, to step out of my comfort zone and leave the usual path behind. Love is another important aspect no matter if it’s coming from a partner, awesome friends or a joyful family. And most of all living… defining living. Your own idea how/where/for how long to live on which spot on this incredible adventurous world.

With this blog I would love to spread some great stories I have experienced, breath-taking places I have been and sweet moments which make every day unique.

Well…. let’s see how this will work 🙂


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