When was the last time that you deserved something?

What do you deserve? Do you deserve something?

Isn’t it crazy when we think about that a little bit? We live our lives and think we need to accomplish something before we can deserve something. Often we have a to-do list to fulfill before we sit down and read a book, have a coffee or quality time with friends. Have you ever thought about that?

You deserve everything and nothing.

You might think I am confused now, don’t you!? Well, what I want to state here is pretty simple: You deserve everything and nothing. That means you deserve everything. No strings attached. Do what you want, what you can and be you. Take time for things that you love. Because you do not have to deserve anything. You do not have to finish any to do to finally sit down and paint, write a book or just simply chase your dreams.

Thus, you deserve everything because you are amazing, loved and ready to do what you love. BUT you do not have to deserve it, you can just simply do it.

You don’t deserve something. You deserve everything. Always.

Your mindset about deserving something

All of us are different, obviously. But just think of some occasions when people just do not care what others think. Isn’t that great? And at the end, it all comes down how we treat ourself, because at the end we are the biggest critiques about ourself. When you travel, you come across many different mind settings which will teach you many things. Sometimes new perspectives that you might want to adapt or perspectives that make you cherish yours even more.

This article comes down to a very good friend of mine who I just met for a walk and we have been talking about the mind setting of Australians and Germans, as she is also German living in Australia. One of the aspects she loves about Australia is that people, at least most of them, do not think that they have to deserve something or accomplish something before treating themselves.

Be kind to yourself. You are awesome!

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