Individual Bucket List : Story of my Life Number 1

Your individual Bucket List: off the norm. Story of my life 1

A bucket list should be individual though it seems to be hard to use ones own creativity to have an individual bucket list. I am convinced that we are influenced by our society in such a way that even our dreams are similar in many extends. And here I have to admit that I do not find myself to be too creative about my bucket list. Thus I am always super thrilled to hear about individual goals that are far off the norm. And while writing this, I am pretty much always happy to hear and see things that are off norm, as long as they are not hurting anyone.

One inspiring Bucket List by (BOOK)

Bucket List reveal during the tour. The other day I had a cute American couple joining my Tours. The two are well traveled and been to Europe before. This is already a bit extraordinary if I think of my friends and family living in the states. However the woman’s Bucket List and goal was the cutest and most creative one I heard of. Her goal is to sing karaoke on every continent.

Do you have an individual goal?

I would love to hear about it. What is it? And how did you get this idea? I am not sure whether mine has special parts. You can find mine Here. Let me know what you think. Often I think we lose perspective and do not recognize our individual self that has created something extraordinary off the norm. We all have a story to tell which is absolutely underestimated by many people as well.

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