My First Hitchhiking Experience

Hitchhiking on My Bucket List

I guess we all have some things we always wanted to do but were always afraid to do it. For ages, I wanted to hitchhike but was always afraid. Finally, when I was back in Australia at the end of 2018 I had the guts to go for my first hitchhiking experience.

A Crazy Surprise during My First Hitchhiking Experience

While some things are happening in my life, I sometimes feel like it could be a movie. Things fall into place and it seems all too crazy to happen. And my first hitchhiking experience is absolutely one of these stories.

How do you get started with something you struggle with?

Due to many reasons, I was really afraid to hitchhike. One of the main reason was that I was ALWAYS told how dangerous this can be and how many bad things could happen. I think here it is always important to remember that you remember more bad things and always here the bad stories in the news and never all the great stories with the same plot.

I had two options: do it or don’t do it

(It reminds me of the crazy hiking story in Vietnam).

I did it: My First Hitchhiking Experience

As I was so afraid, I decided to hitchhike in Australia while a friend of mine was visiting. Thus, as he would be around, I figured it would be less dangerous compared to when I hitchhike on my own. It gave me more confidence and more excitement to share that experience and adventure together.

What a Crazy Story

We did the stereotypical. Thumbs up. On the side of a road. Hoped. And for our surprise, one car stopped within a very short time.

The car was not new, it was more like a pickup and the dog was all over. I was not sure for a few seconds before we actually jumped in. There were really only a few seconds when we decided. And beforehand, we said that we would not do it unless we both feel good with the one who stops.

Off we went in that car, with the man and the dog on my lap. Flo, my friend, was in the back of the pickup.

The man was super friendly. We had so much fun to talk about a variety of things. ANd of course, we talked about our reason for travelling to Australia. When we started this topic, something absolutely crazy was about to unfold. He started talking about a girl that he knew who was also studying in Australia back in the days who was also German. While he was talking, I was already curious and just asked about her name and her place of origin.

I knew her. I knew him.

She was studying in Newcastle while I was and it was the year when both of them met as well. I knew about trips she told me about she had with that interesting family. It was our hitchhiking family.  ISN’T that crazy? What a tiny world. I still can not believe it.

As I always say: Life comes in surprises.

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