Bomb found in Cologne

Cologne. 02.09.2019. 2.47 p.m. Loud nocks coming from the floor. Several ones. On different doors. Then at mine.

“You have to be out of here within the next 15 minutes maximum. They found a bomb.”

“Ok. In which direction am I allowed to go once I am outside?”

A few sounds and a few words and feeling something I can hardly describe. But as it is still as fresh (it is 3:27 p.m. of that day) I want to write it down.

I packed all my essentials for work together. It was almost more robotic than anything else. My laptop, the charger, my phone, the charger, my calendar and my to-do sheet. Water. Money. Sweater. GO!

There was no hear race or such. A friend of mine wrote to me earlier that he got evacuated and whether I am also. Once I heard the knocking outside, I did not even think of the fact that I had to leave as well.

While packing and once I closed the door, I was just thinking of my grandmother and all those who had to leave quickly and not knowing when they will or whether they will return.

So I left my place. Going outside on the road. All seemed strange. All quiet and empty. People walking in one direction. That was quite strange. I asked the police once again in which direction I could go and kept walking… walking to the nearest library where I am at now.

Isn’t that strange? For a few minutes, life stands still. All worries are gone. Just that moment. Love of self-care. And knowing I can go back changes the total game. But just thinking to all those in the war at the moment and my grandparents who were. What they did to survive and what they had to let go off.

This def brings me back to what matters. Once again.

Life is short. Do not take anything for granted. Love. Forgive. Give. Go. Do. Be you.

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