Benefits of Working in Coworking Spaces

For a very long time, I did not even consider working in an office while I am self – employed and neither did I think I would actually see the benefits of coworking. Instead, I preferred working home. It was more coincident that I actually started working in a coworking office due to a bomb that was found in Ehrenfeld and I was evacuated. Within the first week, I could easily tell some obvious benefits of working in a coworking space, which I am about to share which you.

1. Coworking benefit: more efficient

Yes, you will be more efficient. I guess we know it all, if you are working at home you might start thinking of all you can do instead of working. The efficiency of your work is also influenced by the vibe and the people who surround yourself. Your environment makes a big difference in your life, as you might know.

2. Coworking benefit: real work

While I was working at home, working never felt like real work. I think it makes a big difference if you actually have to leave your own apartment to go to work. In my case, it was even more special as I have only a one-room apartment. Additionally, on psychological factors, I am sure it helps to split the different places of your life.

3. Coworking benefit: networking

Coworking means that you are sharing an office with a few different people who are working different jobs whether for themselves or their boss let them work in this office instead of a “typical” one. This environment brings many different people from all kinds of fields together which makes it super interesting to connect and extend your network. Depending on your coworking office, you also have the benefit of meetups that happen regularly. These events are just perfect to do networking as well.

4. Coworking benefit: socializing

One big important factor to me was the urge of having “coworkers” and thus meet regularly the same people during my work shifts. Working at home at some point made me feel very lonely which I think is not good at all. This definitely has changed.

I hope I could take you along the road and give you an insight that you did not consider beforehand. As I checked quite a few coworking spaces, I also know that you can have a test run for a day but also cancel contracts short notice sometimes – thus, just try it and check if it is your new way of working.

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