Preparing my Thailand Trip

The different kind of Thailand preparation

*leaving in a comfy outfit:)*

The following lines will show you how the average traveler does not get ready for a Thailand trip. Reading at one’s own risk ;).


It was about two weeks before I left for Thailand that I started ‘planning’.

Due to my Australian travels I knew that I had most of my inoculations refreshed. I did not see a doctor before I left, just hoping that everything will be fine. PLEASE make sure to see a doctor before leaving. I definitely drove some people insane with my preparation :D.

Just a week before leaving, I bought a travel guide :): Southeast Asia on a shoestring (Country Regional Guides) which made me super happy. At that stage, I was not sure which countries I would travel and therefore got one which would cover Southeast Asia. My travel guides are usually in English because it is more convenient when travelling with others. Having a guide made my travel preparation for Thailand already so much better than the prep for Bali. I left for Bali without a guide…

Book your flights. If you are a low-budget traveler just make sure to compare prizes on your own and ask a travel agency as well. I usually use the following platforms: travel agency in my area; skyscanner; google flights; momondo.

Get an insurance or check the ones you got whether it will cover your destination or get an upgrade. I have a credit card which includes a cover of 30 days which made me quite happy not to worry about that.

Exchange money. I went to my bank to get my money exchanged. To my surprise, I was told and given the calculation, it is better to get cash in Thailand due to the exchange rate. That made me SUPER HAPPY. Additionally, he unlocked my card for Asia. Make sure that your card will work at your destination. Furthermore, once you are already in the bank, ask if you are able to get an extra card. Sometimes it is possible to get one… GET IT!

This might sound strange to some… BUT believe me. It is better to have several bank accounts while traveling. It has several reasons. Try to get different cards, e.g. VISA/ MAESTRO and your normal card.

--> you might lose/break one card

--> you might have to lock your card

--> you might not get money with the one but most likely with the other one

*that is just before leaving for the airport*

Make sure you get a suitable bag or suitcase for your travels. You do not want to end up packing your stuff last-minute and find out that your suitcase is too small or too big or maybe you really want to use a backpack instead. Also, think of the things you need which you might have to get before leaving. And, make sure to get medicine ahead because it is saver to take it instead of having difficulties in another country.

I am sure many of you do not like to think of that and some probably would never do it. But consider the extra money in your calculation. Rent out your apartment if possible, make a contract and prepare the place for that person. Make sure your important documents are in a save place before you leave. I left all my papers with a friend and made spare space in my wardrobe to give him enough space for his belongings.


– Appointment / doctor (get checked if you need new or refreshing shots/ important



– travel guide (this is the one I got: Southeast Asia on a shoestring (Country Regional Guides) )

– book flights ( travel agency in my area; skyscanner; google flights; momondo)

– go to your bank (exchange money/ unlock your card/ get extra cards for when of losing one)

– another bank account

– suitcase / bagpack

– rent our your apartment / advertisement and contract

I hope I could give you a good time reading this and hopefully it might help you preparing your travels.


eva 🙂

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