Free Alternative Cologne Tours

Starting December 2016: Free Alternative Cologne Tours

December 2016, I started hosting Free Walking Tours in Cologne

What are Alternative Cologne Tours about?

It’s all about the Alternative. We make things different. The approx one and a half hours walk through the city includes more than just the basic historical dates and sights. You will have an insight into the culture of Cologne and what it’s like living in the city. Be a traveller, not a tourist. Besides historic sights, facts and cultural knowledge, you will get an insight into the street art in Cologne.

When are the Alternative Cologne Tours?

I set up a Facebook page. That is how I started,  by now I also have a Homepage and an Instagram account. Join the fun and always be updated as there are always some new or special tours and deals.

Who can join our Alternative Cologne Tours?

Everyone. No one is excluded. You can also bring your animals.

Why I started the Alternative Cologne Tours…

I’ve been living in Cologne for two and a half years by now (2016) and love the city, its culture and street art. Also, I wanted to host tours for a long time. Around 10 years ago I was living in Bonn when I already looked into hosting tours. Back in the days, hosting tours meant attending an expensive trainee. Back then it was common to give official tours organised by the city. During that time, I did not know or think of hosting Free Walking Tours. AND I love travelling and meeting new people. So it seems to me that hosting tours would make me and most likely many other people quite happy.

Where do we start our Alternative City Tours?

It all depends on which Tour you choose. All of our tours start at spots which are easy to get to.

The Alternative City Tour starts directly in front of the Dome at the main train station, at the Roman Northgate (Römisches Nordtor). The Street Art Tour in Ehrenfeld also starts directly at the train station in Ehrenfeld (Venloer Str 354B). Just look at which tour you are keen to join and you will see all the details.

I am looking forward to see you at my tour.



Alternative Cologne Tours
Alternative Cologne Tours Street Art Tour
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Alternative Cologne Tours

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