Streetart Gallery in Ehrenfeld: Heliosstraße

Are you ready to see new streetart around Cologne?

Yesterday, I was super excited to see new art in Ehrenfeld, Heliosstraße. I love taking this street to find new streetart.

If you are into streetart I highly recommend you to check out Heliosstraße (streetname) in Köln- Ehrenfeld as well as Vogelsanger Str. If you are coming from  Heliosstraße, just turn right and walk on Vogelsanger Str. Switch the street side directly and you see more art on the wall, which will be obvious then. Heliosstraße is located in the suburb Ehrenfeld, which is all colorful and arty due to the different  techniques by the streetartists. This may also result to the fact of the amount of different artists that are showing their work in this area. Additionally, I recommend you to walk into the backyard of StapelBar. You will get to the backyard through the car entrance, which is on the opposite side of the supermarket Netto. There you will find huge walls full of new pieces. These walls are changing all the time hence it is, as far as I know, officially allowed to be creative on these walls.

AND you will see a lighthouse in this street. Good luck finding the beach ;).

Due to the fact that some of you might want to check out the street, I will post pictures at the end of this post. Therefore, whoever wants to see it live might not want to scroll further than the map.

The artists









Einsa CE


A variety of streetart

This street will show you a big variety of streetart, e.g. sticker, paste-up, graffiti, use of stencil, installation art.

How to get there

  • line 3,4 and 13: Venloer Str/Gürtel
  • train station Köln-Ehrenfeld



Eva 🙂

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