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Who is writing…me-and-palms


A lover of life who is super active in exploring the world! It definitely includes my home base as well 🙂

I am 29 years and currently living in Cologne. I am still studying to become a teacher (at some point in my life 😉 )…

Loving to leave….It all started with my exchange year when I was 16 (a German saying: “You see your age at your own kids…” well I see my ageing when I think of the years when my exchanges were :D)… ever since I got the travel bug. My mom has been convinced ever since that I will never arrive completely in Germany. After my apprenticeship in 2010, I did an AuPair in France/Corse and then an exchange during my studies. Unfortunately, another exchange, in Turkey, did not work out :/ .. Else than that I love leaving for trips whether for a long or short period.

One of my craziest travelling years included a trip in average every second weekend. Of course, it is usually a low-budget weekend trip. Now that I am living in Cologne, I love exploring the city with friends… we walk around new areas all the time or visit new places including cafes/clubs etc.

I also love a healthy lifestyle which includes regular workouts as well as healthy food. During the last year, I have studied a lot to improve my life to become a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, I will post about things I have changed and experiences which might help you to get going, change or get some inspiration.Standing M

Why am I writing…

To put it simply. My life is crazy 😀

It’s so much fun and amazing. So many things are happening to me. They are surprised as well as funny. Sometimes I can hardly believe how lucky I am. So many awesome, fun, lovely, friendly, exciting, amazing, hilarious people who crashed in my life. I will write about it because I think it would put a smile on many faces.

Furthermore, I would love to take you to the places I have been as well as to my bucket list (which also includes non-travel-goals). Due to my travel experience, I know that I can give many suggestions on what to do, what to do better, how to prepare aaaaaaaaaaaaand so much more. Many people are actually starting to come up to me to get an insight into travelling. LOVE IT! (Feel free to ask whatever you like…just send me a PM)

Who will love it…

Whoever loves leaving, loving and living. It will give you a range of stories, tips, lists, pictures. A wide range of insights in travels, life, people and art as well as all kinds of things that make life worth living. 🙂

Enjoy the adventure :))


Eva 🙂

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