I made it :D #leavinglovingliving


Finally started Instagram ***yaaaay***

Looking back I can already say that I wish I would have started earlier. So much to share 🙂 and sometimes it seems like a picture says more than words may describe.

Even if you are not registered you can see the pics I post…. just scroll down my front page and you see a big picture…. go on that and the Instagram page will open… click on my profile named (leavinglovingliving) and you will see my posts :).

I will share whatever I find worth sharing… that might include nature, quotes, travel pics,  random pics of the day…. and of course streetart…(I hope I keep posting streetart here … hence Instagram makes it so easy ..and I must admit I can be quite lazy 😀 …)

Have fun, share, like, comment and let me know what you think when seeing…whatever I might post.

Caution:) I am sure I might post some pics which will be confusing, shocking and maybe make you rethink your comfort zone.



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