leaving <3


leaving <3

I love leaving 🙂 It all started with my High School exchange in the USA back in 2003. That gave me itchy feet ever since. To calm myself I travel quite often during the weekend or whenever I got spare time and enough money (which is quite an interesting topic I will get back to
at some point). Furthermore I was also a nanny (Au-pair) in France/Corse in 2010 and an exchange student for one semester in Australia/ Newcastle in 2013.

Leaving my comfort zone was always great and made me a different person at the end
.usually inside but definitely also outside once in a while 😀 (gaining weight in the States; getting a different taste of fashion in Australia
) Of course it is sometimes quite challenging in another country. It starts with the language and really gets you once you experience the „other“ culture.

Due to my own experiences I encourage everyone to leave and leave as often as possible. I met uncountable people who were thinking to leave and were asking me all kinds of questions about my experiences. LEAVE!!! Stop (over) thinking your decision and JUST GO! So many, great, unbelievable, amazing reasons to leave (too many to count but sure worth another entry 😉 ) your comfort zone and let the magic happen 🙂.

 that is just a short explanation why I chose the big topic of LEAVING. Done it, still do it and hopefully never stop. I hope to encourage you to leave, give you some fun stories, breathtaking pictures and helpful advice for your next trip/ exchange
. If you got any specific questions just send me a message and I will write a post on that topic.

GO 🙂


lll 🙂

*** the pic was taken in Australia/West Coast 2013, you see me hiking 🙂

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