Brekkie :)

Breaky is the Australian term for breakfast… justIMG_8260 the explanation hence I already confused many friends and I don’t want you to be confused as well :D.

Every morning I pretty much eat the same 😀 and it has its story.

My breakfast includes:

*oatmeal*1/2 apple*1 banana* AND depending on mood, money and stock I use *nuts (walnuts or/ and cashew) *chia seeds* and *milk* (I LOVE MILK but changed a lot with that as well) AND*coffee*

Why did I start eating that kind of breaky? Why and how did I give up eating lots of bread? (it is quite typical for Germans to eat bread in the morning as well as in the evening) How I changed a habit even though I loved the old one…

I suppose I should be honest and tell the whole story…. soooo my older sister always ate oatmeal and I did kinda make fun of her eating that. It always occurred to me as not “normal” food. It always kinda reminded me of food which animals would eat. Well….it was really hard but also funny to admit to her that I have changed eating habits. AND I LOVE IT.

 Why I changed?

In 2013 I went to Australia to study for one semester. Everyone knows that Australia is quite expensive but when you are actually there it hits you again. And again and again…It will keep surprising you even though you knew it. Changing my habit was quite pragmatic. It was cheaper and I would already have something healthy in the morning. This combination made it super easy to change.

The new habit of eating healthy in the morning gives me a great start into the day which also lasts healthier. Try it! AND very important don’t judge after you did it just once. Sometimes it takes a while to get adjusted to something new. Just keep in mind that you had this eating habit all your life and therefore your body might even not like the new one in the beginning. Have a try!

And ever since I just have a “normal German breakfast” when I am with friends or family. When having such a huge breaky it usually includes some kind of sweets, whether it is jam, chocolate or a chocolate croissant …. This unhealthy start has an immense negative influence onto my whole day… onto activeness, mood, and further eating…. so I sometimes skip that breaky and take mine instead. Therefore I started bringing it along 😀 some friends look at me weird when I bring my own stuff but I know it is totally worth it. <3


eva 🙂

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