The Mysterious Bananas around Cologne


Plenty of Bananas in Cologne

Have a closer look around Cologne and you see quite a few bananas. And maybe you saw them in other cities before and did not know what they are about?!

Around 30 years ago, Tomas Baumgärtel sprayed the banana for the first time onto buildings. He is also named the “Bananasprayer”. To spray the bananas onto the walls is his way to give arty places a tag to show everyone what the building is about: art. Mr. Baumgärtel selected museums, galleries as well as art schools.

Thirty years ago, the banana was rejected. Most people did not like it and rather saw it as vandalism. It was common that landlords tried cleaning the surface and removing the banana. The view about the banana has changed over the last three decades. Now, you will also find fake bananas because the tag became a symbol for good art places.

The Banana is a stencil. That is a kind of art that is produced with one or more stencils. The Banana by Thomas Baumgärtel is done with two stencils, one for each color: black and yellow.

So next time you see a banana sprayed onto a building, you know what it is all about.

More information about: Thomas Baumgärtel


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