Heeeeey everyone out there :))! Hope you all had a fun, relaxing and recharging weekend!!!
Well…. I just came up with a great idea to do a THANKFUL CHALLENGE till thanksgiving. (thanks to a friends cute idea which gave me some inspiration for that ). It seems like life gets quite busy sometimes and we stop concentrating on what really matters. Therefore I will post a pic every day which shows what I am thankful for.
Day 1: 

I am super thankful for all my friends all over the world. No matter where they live… We’re always close. I can rely on them through all times. And it’s not a matter of talking to each other every day but feeling just as great and close when it’s been a while of seeing or talking to each other. Very lucky me. 
What ARE YOU thankful for?

eva 🙂
good night :)…or depending where you are… wish you a wonderful day 😉

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