Stay in touch

3 ways to make it easy 🙂

People sometimes ask me if I can actually stay in touch with all the people I met along the way who became great friends…. and some are very skeptical when meeting and becoming friends and if this will last….

I can tell you. It works!

Travelling and living in different countries gives you the opportunity to make friends around the world. But it is your decision if you stay friends. Of course when you leave it won’t be the same hence you can’t meet up spontaneous for a coffee, can’t go to your fave pub together or have a walk…. BUT you can stay in touch. There are so many ways to make it work. And sure don’t be disappointed if your friend will not update you all the time or wont get back to you immediately. That is something to keep in mind. Your friend keeps living life just like you do and therefore is most likely busy living it up. For me this means that sometimes it takes a while till I get a reply or that I sometimes can not catch up as often as I like to. Definitely stay optimistic for your friendship otherwise it wont work anyway

But what makes it easier?

Use Whatsapp and send pics….voice mails… and I promise you that it will be easier to overcome the distance problem and keep in touch quite easy. The new version even lets you call each other for free (but definitely make sure you are on WiFi otherwise your bill might reach a new peak )

Skype. That is a great way if you do not like to call people (like me). With skyping you got definitely the benefit of seeing the person which is just awesome. Sometimes though it is quite hard to set a date to Skype because of the time difference (which still freaks me out sometimes 😀  and also make sure you got WiFi)

If you do not like either… you can just use Viber with your mobile which allows you to make free phone calls (worldwide).

Have fun making friends and keep in touch:)

and with some friends its just natural that you can’t keep yourself updated … but once you meet again its like you were never separated.

cheers 🙂

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