Pallet Place


The Cutest Way to Use Pallets in a Cafe…

OMG! After a more or less sucessful study session

*tough study session in the park*

a friend of mine introduced me to a cafe which is just breathtaking. The place and the coffee. My friend told me ahead that it will be cheap and good coffee which made me draw the conclusion to find a crappy place. OH I WAS SO WRONG.

I had to take some pictures of course…and you can see that the place is filled with love, detail and both combines with art.

LOOK at the cute, colorful seats….and the lights… my friend and I agreed that the small lights are super awesome and so easy to make but we would have never come up with that idea. AND the luster is just so fun… look what it’s made of…clothes peg. What a funny idea. And the names of the food are quite creative too…

Nachbars Huhn- The chicken from the neighbour
Der Kameltreiber- camel-driver
Otto der Frischer- Otto the fisherman

Let me know how you liked it.


Eva ūüôā

The address: Otto-Fischer-Str 9; Köln



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  1. bellamonte says:

    So cool! You make me miss my city so much! Looking forward to check it out in the summer. Thanks for this post, it made me smile. Cologne is so cool!

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