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imageI finally made it

For a long time I wanted to go to see Schloss Drachenburg, which is a castle and Drachenfels, a ruin (Drachen means dragon). Finally I did! One Sunday was starting bright and got me all excited to do a short trip.

I made up my mind and contacted a bunch of friends of whom I knew would love to explore as well. Unfortunately, many of my friends wer
e hangover from last night that I ended up going on my own. Lucky me, I did not drink alcohol the night before. I do not drink too much alcohol anymore! It saves you money, time and health image;).

Even though I was not too sure how I would make it to the castle, I left to discover it. AND as usual, worrying about it was a waste of time. Once I got off the train in Königswinter I was happy to see sign
s that led me to the places. In case you like hiking, this is the place to be. There are many trails around this area.


First I visited the castle and it took me a while to decide whether to go on a tour or not. Sometimes they just do not seem worth it. It was super cheap, only 2,50 € for a ca. 45 min AND absolutely worth it. Additionally, when taking a guided tour you actually get access to more places. My tour guide, Alexander Känzle, was one of the best tour guides I had. He works from Friday – Sunday, in case you want to make sure to get the same guide. Though I am sure the whole staff may be as good, enthusiastic and smart as Alexander. Beside his work as a tour guide, he works as a wedding plannimageer in the castle. To get married with such a wonderful scene must be magnificent. He makes sure everything works out to be just perfect on that special day.

Our guided group was very small with only four of us. According to our guide the group size is a result of a common habit of tourists around there. They usually tend to walk all the way up to the ruin and then walk down to the castle. Therefore, my recommendation is to visit the castle first and then walk to the peak of the mountain. Due to our tour guides experience, tours after lunchtime are usually bigger with around 20 people. UUUUuuh I am so lucky.

By the way, if you do not feel like walking all the way up, you can take a train, donkey or take a carriage. I walked the way up which was fun, but whoever is not fit I would recommend taking some kind of transportation. While walking, the views onto the river are just amazing, and you come across some restaurants along the way.

Some interesting facts about the castle:
  • The castle was used in different ways, e.g. as catholic school as well as Hitler school.
    Until that tour, I did not even know that Hitler schools existed. This was the third out of ten back in the days.
  • For a long time, the building was empty because the country did not find it worth supporting.
  • Since 1986 it is classified as an historical monument.
  • All windows, except of one room, used to be colored. You could not look outside.
  • The castle was already up to date and had heating. All fireplaces are fake.
  • The souvenirs of the first souvenir shop from 1902 help to rebuild parts of the castle.
  • Some ceilings look like wood but they are stucco, e.g. the womens room.
  • The organ is fake.

I hope you get the chance to have a tour around the castle and enjoy this beautiful place and get an insight of its history.

Just when I left the place seemed to get quite crowded. Afterwards I was happy to walk all the way up to see the ruin and the amazing view.

Do not forget to go all the way up to the ruin. Beside the ruin you will also have an amazing view!

Facts of the day:

  • Visit the castle first because it is usually more crowded later on.
  • The guided tour is absolutely worth it (2,50€).
  • If you do not feel fit, take some kind of transportation (e.g. train, donkey…).

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