If you keep waiting… you might end up just waiting! (CAUTION: This might change your life)

You have a bucket list… or just some things you would like to do? Like a concert, a trip, a market you want to go to, paragliding, change of path….. and you got the info of a friend that he or she will join you? How long have you been waiting? Hours, days, months, a year or even years?

Some years ago someone told me… DO IT ALONE. If you keep waiting you might end up never doing it. AND this is so super true. Write down all the things you wanted to do and haven’t BUT still can :). There is no one holding you back beside your mindset. Change it. It might be difficult and you might also have to step out of your comfort zone but it is so super worth it. Don’t overthink… how, when and where to do it. JUST DO IT!

I met many people along the way who told me all kind of things they wanted to do when their friend/partner/whoever is ready to come along…. REALLY??? Come on…. be honest to yourself. Some people will never get going and join you. So give them a due date and either they join you or you do it on your own. DO IT. And you will LOVE it. It might be life changing :).

AND seriously….you are never alone.

You are afraid? Everything will be alright… and think of that… aren’t you afraid to be old and there is a life you can rarely talk about because you were waiting….!?

One of many things I started doing on my own if there is no one around to join…. going to concerts. Musicians come to your city and either you get a ticket or they are gone and you haven’t seen them. And I was never alone. I always met great people….  once you do it… you’ll see that you already got a common base with the people…. because you got there for the same reason ;). A concert, a trip, a market you want to go to, paragliding, change of path….

Do what you love and what you WOULD love to do.

Still afraid? Then imagine the situation…. what is the worst thing that could happen? And what is the best that could happen? Well…. don’t you think the positive overweights your worries?!!!!

You sure don’t want to look back and regret the things you haven’t done!


eva 🙂

*just have a try ;)*

Happy Weekend 🙂 which might end up different than you expect ;)….

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