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Something you would not expect in Cologne Ehrenfeld

Cologne Dome

Surprise in Ehrelfeld Ehrenfeld is a district in Cologne which is worth visiting for many reasons which I will introduce you to in different posts. Today I am introducing you a quite obvious one which is still not known to many visitors of Cologne. Ehrenfeld has a lighthouse. YEAH 🙂 isn’t that amazing?! A lighthouse in […]


Day 2: I am thankful to live in a save country. It’s been shocking and sad to see so many people leaving their home. I hope more people and countries will open up to those who suffer. There are still too many who don’t understand what it takes to leave your roots with that kind […]


Heeeeey everyone out there :))! Hope you all had a fun, relaxing and recharging weekend!!! Well…. I just came up with a great idea to do a THANKFUL CHALLENGE till thanksgiving. (thanks to a friends cute idea which gave me some inspiration for that ). It seems like life gets quite busy sometimes and we […]

If you keep waiting… you might end up just waiting! (CAUTION: This might change your life)

You have a bucket list… or just some things you would like to do? Like a concert, a trip, a market you want to go to, paragliding, change of path….. and you got the info of a friend that he or she will join you? How long have you been waiting? Hours, days, months, a […]

60 seconds

Today I had a job interview which was quite interesting and fun at the same time. We were around 10 who were applying to become a part of a promotion team. One exercise was to tell a story within one minute. The story could be anything that came up to our mind. I was kinda […]

I made it :D #leavinglovingliving

Hey THERE 🙂 Finally started Instagram ***yaaaay*** Looking back I can already say that I wish I would have started earlier. So much to share 🙂 and sometimes it seems like a picture says more than words may describe. Even if you are not registered you can see the pics I post…. just scroll down […]