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Fair Fun: CGN Deutz

Cologne Fair Fun

If you are seeing a ferries wheel across the river in Cologne …the fair is still on. This year (2016), the fair is on until the 10th of April. I was not too happy to go to the fair the other day because I assumed it to be boring. But I told myself that I […]

Some like it sweet…TörtchenTörtchen


Cologne: Places I like I am living in Cologne as many of you already know. Usually I spend a lot of time exploring the city and new locations… I thought about giving you some suggestions and insights which places I liked and you might want to try them as well. Let me know what you […]


Day 5: Thankful for a fun night with my girls…at the museum….and walking around the city! It’s awesome that Cologne has a for free eve in museums ? (this one is once a month for citizens of Cologne… But many cities have it for everyone each month… Good for low-budget travels 😉 ) ‘in the […]

Something you would not expect in Cologne Ehrenfeld

Cologne Dome

Surprise in Ehrelfeld Ehrenfeld is a district in Cologne which is worth visiting for many reasons which I will introduce you to in different posts. Today I am introducing you a quite obvious one which is still not known to many visitors of Cologne. Ehrenfeld has a lighthouse. YEAH 🙂 isn’t that amazing?! A lighthouse in […]

I made it :D #leavinglovingliving

Hey THERE 🙂 Finally started Instagram ***yaaaay*** Looking back I can already say that I wish I would have started earlier. So much to share 🙂 and sometimes it seems like a picture says more than words may describe. Even if you are not registered you can see the pics I post…. just scroll down […]