Café and Coffee Addiction: cafe bar

Coffee Lover in Cologne

I am a coffee lover <3 and therefore super happy about the plenty sweet places to get a good  café in bar cozy inside

I am sure this will not be the last post about a place you could go to, to have a good coffee as well as a good atmosphere to meet up with friends.

The other day, I met up with a friend at a hair dresser. Afterwards, we were happy to see that cute café. Unfortunately, it was too cold to sit outside…but I think their outside area is just adorable. We already decided to go back when it is warmer to be able to sit outside. Their coffee is just amazing. As I recognized the price I must admit that I was totally shocked…though in a good way. This is the rare combo of cheap, cozy place and very good bar newspaper and such

Love this idea. If you need glasses to read you can just get them at their counter.

For all visitors… this café is actually not too far away from the main train station… in case you want to try it 🙂 Let me know how much you liked it.


eva 🙂cafe bar outside area


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