60 seconds

Today I had a job interview which was quite interesting and fun at the same time. We were around 10 who were applying to become a part of a promotion team. One exercise was to tell a story within one minute. The story could be anything that came up to our mind.

I was kinda concerned because I am not too creative.

That was my story:

I will talk about an unknown island… or I should better say…. an island which was unknown to me personally.

During my study abroad on a huge island I made the decision to go onto another but smaller island to get a cheaper visa… which was only around 20 bucks. It was cheaper to get the visa off the big island for 20 bucks than to stay and pay around 200.

I did not know much about the island even though it is quite known and a bit more popular after a movie was set there. Well… I left without a plan, without a travel guide and with no clue what to expect. The day before I left I just scheduled the first night at a homestay.

The Island was quite different to what people told me. Awesome and sad at the same time.

Well I had a fabulous time getting to know locals and a new culture…. on BALI :))


I got the job 🙂

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