Free Alternative Cologne Tours

Starting December 2016: Free A* Cologne Tours

December 2016, I will start hosting free walking tours in Cologne.

What are the tours about?

It’s all about the A*. The tour will be alternative. The approx two and a half hours walk through the city includes more than just the basic historical dates and sights. Join the tour and you will have an insight into the culture of Cologne and what it’s like living in the city. Be a traveller, not a tourist. Beside historic sights and facts as well as cultural knowledge, you will get an insight of the streetart in Cologne.

When are the tours?

I set up a facebook page (ATM only the German one/ English one is following soon) which will have the dates of the tours.

Who can join tours?

Everyone, also animals :).

Why I start the tours…

I’ve been living in Cologne for two and a half yeary by now and love the city, its culture and streetart. Also, I wanted to host tours for a long time. Around 10 years ago I was living in Bonnwhen I already looked into hosting tours. Back then, hosting tours meant attending an expencive trainee. Back then it was common to give official tours organised by the city. During that time, I did not know or think of hosting free walking tours. AND I love travelling and meeting new people. So it seems to me that hosting tours would make me and most likely many other people quite happy.

Where do we start?

We will start at the Northgate (Nordtor) which is located in front of the Dome. If you exit the Dome from its mainentrance/exit you will see the gate on your right hand side.

I am looking forward to see you at my tour.



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