Yeah this will be it. Australia.
It’s been already two years that I did my study abroad in Australia/Newcastle and I still didn’t do the picture album . Isn’t that crazy? I wanted to do that right after I came back to Germany… well obviously it did not quite work out…. I set the goal for myself to finish at least a bit of it in 2015. So while I do my album which I will eventually print… I will write about it here as well…

So within the next weeks and probably months I will take you with me. We are going back to 2013 and all the adventures relating to my Australian experiences :). Most likely I will split it in the different occasions, otherwise it will be too confusing I think:).

> Easter Break >Blue Mountains Weekend

> East Coast  > West Coast

This is SOSO MUCH! So many great memories I will share as well as suggestions where to stop, what to see and what to do as well as what to skip ;). Additionally, I definitely have to tell you some amazing stories which I experienced along the way. It is incredible what happens once you leave your comfort zone!

I hope you will enjoy this trip…  … those of you who have been there and even at the same places… everyone with its own memory <3 and hopefully I will inspire some of you to step out of your comfort zone 🙂 It is ALWAYS worth it 🙂

Have fun mate 😉



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